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Welcome to the twelfth season of Potterne Cricket Club's Fantasy Cricket League.

If you have ever seen Fantasy Leagues run by national newspapers you will know the basis behind this idea, but there is a twist. Instead if pinning your hopes on the likes of Root, Williamson and De Villiers to amass your points, our version lets you select PCC members instead, and their performances throughout the season will dictate how well (or poorly!) your team does. CASH PRIZES will be awarded to the teams that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and a trophy will be awarded to the winner at the end of season dinner, read on for more details. 

The format is simple. Each playing member of PCC is allocated a value of between £400 and £1000 based on their performances in league games last season. Your task is to select a team of 7 players not exceeding the total budget of £5000, which you think over the course of the season will perform better than all other teams selected. Each team costs £5 to enter, or for £10 you can select 3 teams, buy 2 get 1 free!

Points are awarded as follows:-

Per run 1 point
Fifty bonus 20 points
One hundred bonus 50 points
Duck -20 points
Not Out 10 points


Wicket 20 points
5 wicket bonus 20 points
Hattrick 50 points
Wicketless (3 overs bowled) -20 points
Maiden 5 points


Appearance 10 points
Catch 10 points
Stumping 20 points

Following each game, points will be calculated and a league table will be posted on the clubs website at This year’s competition will include all cup, friendly and tour games played, as well as the Saturday league game however will not include pre-season friendlies, entries close prior to commencement of league games on 6th May.

The winner along with 2nd and 3rd place will receive cash prizes, the value of which will be dependant on the number of teams that enter. Half of the money raised from entry fees will go towards club funds. The other half will be split between the top 3 finishers The more teams that enter the bigger the prize (and the more the club benefits) so please tell your friends and let’s make this a real success. Remember each team costs £5, but in purchasing a second team you get a third free.

Any questions, or for more entry forms please contact Ed Fruen on 07894 708492


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