1st XI FIXTURES 2015

West of England Premier League Premier Two Division           

Date Fixture Highlights
Sat 2nd May Potterne v Shapwick & Polden Highlights
Potterne won by 2 runs (20pts) Potterne 259ao    Shapwick 257ao Ed Young 73 and 4-59,Stan Alsop 3-27,Tom Cullen 47,Jack Bramwell 46
Sat 9th May Lechlade v Potterne  
Potterne won by 8 wickets (20pts) Lechlade 151-8   Potterne 154-2  Jake Roberts 10-2-16-3,Josh De Souza 10-1-25-3,Wiji 36no,Ed Young 48no
 Sat 16th May Potterne   v Thornbury  
Potterne won by 135 runs (20pts) Potterne 297-8    Thornbury 162ao Tom Cullen 153no,Roo Woodward 27,4 catches and a run out,Stan Alsop 7-2-20-2
Sat 23rd May Keynsham v Potterne  
Potterne lost by 3 wickets (7pts) Potterne 215-6     Tom Cullen 49,Wiji 68
Sat 30th May Potterne lost by 48 runs (7pts) Potterne 297a/o v Taunton 345-5  Luke De Souza 82
Sat 6th Jun Weston S Mare v Potterne  
Potterne won by 64 runs (19pts) Potterne 156a/o   Weston Super Mare 98ao  Neil Clark 44,Jake Roberts 28,Dylan Higgins 8.3-2-12-3,Wiji 10-3-18-3
Sat 13th Jun Potterne v Chard  
Potterne won by 6 wickets (22pts) Chard 218ao    Potterne 221-4 Luke De Souza 102,Neil Clark 42no,Dylan Higgins 10-2-28-2,
Sat 20th Jun Potterne v Cheltenham  
Potterne won by 242 runs (22pts) Potterne 341-2    Cheltenham 100ao Ed Young 171 no.Tom Cullen 109ao,Dylan Higgins 10-5-31-5,Jake Roberts 10-0-56-4
Sat 27th June Goatacre v Potterne  
Potterne won by 155 runs (20pts) Potterne 282-2    Goatacre 127ao Tom Cullen 146no,Wiji 68no and 9-3-25-4,Ed Young 9.5-5-32-4
Sat 4th Jul Shapwick & Polden v Potterne  
Potterne won by 8 wickets (20pts) S and P 170-9   Potterne 171-2  Dylan Higgins 10-3-26-3,Tom Cullen 85,Luke De Souza 59
Sat 11th Jul Potterne v Lechlade  
 Potterne won by 6 wickets (23pts)  Lechlade 234ao   Potterne 237-4  Dylan Higgins 8-0-28-4, Tom Cullen 94no, Wiji 91
Sat 18th Jul Thornbury v Potterne  
 Potterne won by 8 wickets (21pts) Thornbury 166ao   Potterne 168-2  Tom Cullen 95 
Sat 25th Jul Potterne v Keynsham  
 Potterne lost by 4 wickets (7 pts-one was deducted) Potterne 327-3    Keynsham 329-6   Tom Cullen 78,Wiji 82 Ed Young 80no Neil Clark 44no
Sat 1st Aug Taunton v Potterne  
Potterne won by 91 runs (20pts) Potterne 296-9     Wiji 75,Ed Young 54,Neil Clark 72,Ben Mason 8-0-40-3 
Sat 8th Aug Potterne v Weston S Mare  
 Potterne won by 180 runs (20pts) Potterne 313-7    WSM 130ao   Ed Young 153 and 6.4-1-24-3,Ollie Smith 46
Sat 15th Aug Chard v Potterne  
 Potterne won by 5 wickets (18pts)  Chard 142ao    Potterne 143-5  Wiji 10-1-34-3, 
Sat 22nd Aug Cheltenham v Potterne  
Sat 29th Aug Potterne v Goatacre