2nd XI FIXTURES 2014

West of England Premier League Glos/Wilts Division 2nd XI

Date Fixture Highlights
3rd May Marlborough  vs  Potterne   
Potterne won by 10 runs (19pts)  Marlborough  179ao   Potterne 198ao  Sam Gaiger 58,Gedeon Charles 45 and 9-3-18-3,Richard Atkinson 9-0-45-3 
10th May Potterne  vs  Rockhampton   
Match Cancelled(5pts)         

17th May 

Potterne won by 197 runs (22pts)

Biddestone 103 all out

vs  Potterne 300-6

S.Gaiger 89

G.Charles 55

S.Alsop 4-6

D.Rose 3-35

P.Mathias 3-34 

24th May  Potterne  vs  Chipping Sodbury   
Match Cancelled         
31st May  Stroud  vs  Potterne   
Potterne won by 56 runs(19pts)  Potterne 222-6   Stroud 166-8  Jamie Hayes 116no 
7th June  Potterne  vs  Chippenham   
Potterne won by 8 runs (20pts)  Potterne 209ao     Chippenham 201ao Jamie Hayes 74 and 4 wickets.James Down 35 
14th June  Potterne  vs  Dumbleton   
Potterne won by 8 wickets (21pts)  Dumbleton 131ao    Potterne 133-2  Richard Atkinson 6-0-33-4,Jamie Hayes 74no
21st June  Hatherley & Red  vs  Potterne  
Potterne won by 134 runs (20pts)  Potterne 364-4    H and Reddings 230ao  Sam Gaiger 103,Jamie Hayes 165no,James Down 64, Jamie Hayes 9-0-38-3 
28th June  Potterne  vs  Trowbridge   
Potterne won by 9 wickets (22pts)  Trowbridge 111ao    Potterne 114-1   
5th July  Rockhampton  vs  Potterne   

Potterne won by 127 runs (19pts) 

Potterne 352-4    Rockhampton 225-9  Jamie Hayes 124,Sam Gaiger 159 
12th July  Potterne  vs  Biddestone   
 Potterne won by  218 runs (20pts)  401-3    183ao  Jamie Hayes 208no, Clde Williams 122, Pete Mathias 9-2-22-3
19th July  Chipping Sodbury  vs  Potterne   
Match Cancelled         
26th July  Potterne  vs  Stroud   
Potterne won by 9 wickets (23pts)  Stroud 294-8    Potterne 295-1 Jack Bramwell 110no,Jamie Hayes 141no 
2nd August  Chippenham  vs  Potterne   
Potterne won by 10 wkts (23pts) Chippenham 153a/o    Potterne 155-0  Stan Alsop 9-3-19-5,Jordan Rose 76no,Clyde Williams 57no 
9th August  Dumbleton  vs  Potterne   
Potterne lost by 2 wickets (9pts) Potterne 224a/o   Dumbleton 225-8   
16th August  Potterne  vs  Hatherley & Red   
Potterne won by 138 runs (20pts)  Potterne 418-2    Hatherley and Reddings 280a/o Clyde Williams 148,Jordan Rose 172,Jamie Hayes 68no 
23rd August  Trowbridge  vs  Potterne   
Potterne won by 257 runs (24pts) Potterne 322-2 dec    Trowbridge 65 a/o Jordan rose 102,Jamie Hayes 117no,Sam Gaiger 75no,Brad Whitbread 6.2-2-9-3 
30th August  Potterne  vs  Marlborough   
Potterne won by 7 wickets (23 pts)   Marlborough 214a/o   Potterne 215-3 Craig Raddon 9-0-36-4,Sam Gaiger 103no,George Elliot 60