2008 Season

U11 Fixtures

 Sunday 11th May  Potterne  vs  All Cannings  
 Potterne won by 5 runs  Potterne +58, All Cannings +53 
 Sunday 18th May  Potterne  vs  Beanacre  
 Potterne lost by 22 runs  Beanacre +75, Potterne +53
 Sunday 1st June  Marlborough  vs  Potterne  
 Match tied!  Marlborough +68, Potterne +68
 Sunday 8th June  Potterne  vs  Devizes  
 Potterne lost by 46 runs  Potterne +24, Devizes +70
 Sunday 15th June  Potterne  vs  Burbage  
 Potterne won by 66 runs

 Potterne +104, Burbage +38

 Sunday 22nd June  All Cannings  vs  Potterne  
   To be re-arranged-date to follow
 Sunday 4th May  Beanacre  vs  Potterne  
 Date brought forward  Match cancelled due to poor weather
 Sunday 13th July Devizes  vs  Potterne  
 Potterne lost by 42 runs  Potterne +40, Devizes +82
 Sunday 20th July Burbage  vs  Potterne  
 Potterne won by 52 runs  Potterne +67, Burbage +15
 Thursday 24th July Potterne  vs  Marlborough  
 Potterne lost by 62 runs  Potterne +20, Marlborough +82