2007 Season

1st XI Results

Date Fixture Highlights
5th May Cooper Avon Tyres vs Potterne

Paul Clark 54, Graham Gaiger 35, Neil Doran 37no, John Caiger 4/21

Potterne won by 2 wickets(21 pts)

Avon Sports 206 all out, Potterne 208/8.

12th May Potterne vs Sutton Veny  

cancelled due to poor weather

19th May Box vs Potterne Graham Gaiger 43, John Caiger 54no
Potterne won by 4 wickets (17 pts)

Box 138/8, Potterne 140/6
26th May Potterne vs Buscot Park

Shane Cloete 84no, John Caiger 39, Paul Clark 31, John Caiger 4/46

Potterne won by 7 wickets ( 22 pts)

Buscot Park 198/8, Potterne 199/3

27th May Potterne vs Stalbridge  
  cancelled due to poor weather
2nd June Potterne vs Avebury Ollie Smith 75no, Mark Colyer 48, Ollie Smith 4/15, Rikki Jackson 4/44
Potterne won by 8 wickets (23 pts) Avebury 155 all out, Potterne 156/2

9th June

Bath Civil Service vs Potterne Mark Colyer 65, Graham Gaiger 33, Sam Gaiger 3/43, Rikki Jackson 2/34, Neil Doran 2/31
Potterne won by 2 wickets (20 pts) Bath Civil Service 191 all out, Potterne 192/8
16th June Potterne vs Swindon Civil Service Mark Colyer 60, John Caiger 39, Sam Gaiger 34no, Simon Unitt 3/24, Rikki Jackson 3/35
Potterne won by 7 wickets (22 pts) Swindon Civil Service 168 all out, Potterne 169/3
23rd June Spye Park vs Potterne  
  cancelled due to poor weather
30th June Potterne vs Calne  
  cancelled due to poor weather
7th July Potterne vs Cooper Avon Tyres Mark Colyer 63, Paul Clark 41, Rikki Jackson 31no, James Down 3/24, Simon Unitt 3/31
Potterne won by 5 wickets (20 pts) Cooper Avon Tyres 166 all out/Potterne 167/5
14th July Sutton Veny vs Potterne Ollie Smith 39no,Rikki Jackson 4-24,James Page 3-22
Potterne won by 7 wickets (22pts) Sutton Veny 100 all out, Potterne 101/3
21st July Potterne vs Box  
  cancelled due to poor weather
28th July Buscot Park vs Potterne Paul Clark 45, Ollie Smith 52no and 5-21
Potterne won by 6 wickets (21pts) Buscot Park 190/8, Potterne 191/4
4th August Avebury vs Potterne Rikki Jackson 3-41, Sam Gaiger 3-18, Ollie Smith 77, Mark Colyer 34
Potterne won by 6 wickets (20pts) Avebury 156/9, Potterne 161/4
11th August Potterne vs Bath Civil Service Shane Cloete 75no, Sam Gaiger 74no, James Page 3/26, Rikki Jackson 3/49
Potterne won by 8 wickets (23pts) Bath CS 167ao, Potterne 168-2
18th August Swindon Civil Service vs Potterne  
  Cancelled due to poor weather
25th August Potterne vs Spye Park Sam Gaiger 54no, Simon Unitt3-28
Potterne won by 5 wickets (20pts) Spye Park 123 ao, Potterne 124/5
1st September Calne
Potterne won by 9 wickets (23pts) Calne 162/9, Potterne 163-1 Ollie Smith 53, Shane Cloete 47no, Paul Clark 47no